BadPixCorr plugin

Bad pixel correction on an image.

Plugin Type: Local

BadPixCorr is a local plugin, which means it is associated with a channel. An instance can be opened for each channel.


This is a plugin for performing interactive bad pixel correction on an image. Currently, it only handles fixing a single bad pixel or bad pixels within a circular region. The bad pixel(s) can be filled either by a user-defined constant, a constant calculated from an annulus, or Scipy griddata interpolation using the annulus. If data quality (DQ) extension is present, the corresponding DQ flags will also be set to the given new flag value (default is 0 for “good”).

It also supports saving/loading parameters to/from JSON file and the corrected image only exists in the Ginga in-memory cache; if the cache fills up, Ginga will eventually eject the image if it is not in use. To save the result image, use SaveImage (Save File).

It is customizable using ~/.ginga/plugin_BadPixCorr.cfg, where ~ is your HOME directory:

# BadPixCorr plugin preferences file
# Place this in file under ~/.ginga with the name "plugin_BadPixCorr.cfg"

# Color to mark bad pixel(s)
bpixcorrcolor = 'green'

# Color of annulus region used for correction
bpixannuluscolor = 'magenta'

# Default bad pixel(s) properties. Some can also be changed in the GUI.
# corrtype can be 'single' or 'circle'
corrtype = 'circle'
point_radius = 5

# Default correction parameters. Can also be changed in the GUI.
# filltype can be 'annulus', 'constant', or 'spline'
# griddata can be 'nearest', 'linear', or 'cubic'
# algorithm can be 'mean', 'median', or 'mode'
filltype = 'annulus'
annulus_radius = 5
annulus_width = 10
griddata_method = 'linear'
algorithm = 'median'
sigma = 1.8
niter = 10

# DQ flag to indicate that the bad pixel has been fixed
dq_fixed_flag = 0